John Lennon Tributes

John Lennon is remembered as one of the world’s most iconic musicians. He made a global impact on the music industry during his times. Becoming known to the world through his years with the famous group The Beatles, and then moving on to a very successful solo career, Lennon captured the imaginations and hearts of thousands of fans worldwide. The past weekend was a time of celebration and sadness, as the music industry joined together to honor Lennon on the 9th of October 2010, which marks what would have been his 70th birthday.

Liverpool especially, have decided to pay pribute to the great musician with a two month long celebration that started on his birthday and will end on 9 Decemeber 2010, to pay tribute to the anniversary of his death. This spectacular festival was designed to not only remember John Lennon but to highlight his life, his music and his memorable contributions to the music industry. To kick off the tribute festival, a massive eighteen foot monument was unveiled, named the John Lennon Peace and Harmony Monument. The unveiling was highlighted by performances at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, with songs from the John Lennon Song Book. Other concerts will also be hosted throughout the city, as well as a photography exhibition that will be a visual extravaganza of Lennon’s life.

When asked for comment on the tribute festival, Cabinet Member of the city’s Council for Culture and Tourism, Wendy Simon, expressed her excitement by saying: “Liverpool’s Lennon Season is a fab mix of music, poetry, art, film and debates and will be a fitting way to remember John and an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the legacy that he left for us all – as an artist, a musician and as a campaigner for peace.” She went on to say: “I’m sure there will be moments for tears but these twin landmark anniversaries are a chance for Liverpool and the world to celebrate the joy and the hope that defines our memories of John.”

Throughout the world, numerous other organisations have also arranged tribute concerts and festivals, reliving the magical moments provided by John Lennon, and enjoying the music he left behind for all to appreciate.