Juanes Picks Up Several Awards At Latin Grammys

Dressed in black and armed with striking lyrics and a great voice, Juanes stole the show in more than one way when he appeared at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards. Not only did his live performances blow audiences away, but he received several Latin Grammys during the course of the evening.

This year’s Latin Grammy’s saw hosts urging the audience to ‘listen to the lyrics’ as they tried to show how music can be used as a way to face the many troubles that plague people in the course of their lives, rather than as a way to escape them. It didn’t matter if their problems were caused by the current condition of the world or from the emotional pain of a broken heart – music does seem to have a way of healing the hurt. The ninth annual Latin Grammy Awards were held in Houston on Thursday night, November 14, from where they were broadcast on the Spanish-language network known as Univision. The evening got off to a great start when Colombian rocker and heartthrob Juanes took to the stage to receive what turned out to be one of many awards. His album ‘La Vida Es un Ratico’ received awards for “Album Of The Year” as well as “Best Male Pop Vocal Album”. Later he returned to the stage to receive the “Song Of The Year” award and “Record Of The Year” award for his ‘Me Enamora’. On collecting his fifth and final award, Juanes voice his congratulations to American Latinos for selecting a president who is ‘right for the world’. This was not his first trip to the Latin Grammy stage. Each of his three previous albums have all won multiple Latin Grammys.

Juanes didn’t leave the show at that. He took to the stage to sing ‘Me Enamora’ and ‘Odio por Amor’. Both songs are about expressing love in a world that seems devoid of it and so express his ideals quite clearly. After that he was joined on stage by John Legend and the pair produced a Spanish translation ‘If You’re Out There’. The song was previously sung at the Democratic Convention and appeals to people to try to change the world. Of course, Juanes wasn’t the only person at the star-studded event to receive an award. Gloria Estefan received ‘Best Traditional Tropical Album’ for ‘90 Millas’ and ‘Tropical Song’ for ‘Píntame De Colores’. Mexican Café Tacuba got ‘Best Rock Song’ for ‘Esta Vez’, as well as ‘Alternative Song of the Year’ for ‘Volver a Comenzar’. Fans can get the full list of winners from the Latin Grammy official website.