MIDEM 2008 – A Major Music Industry Trade Show

Cannes, in France, will come alive with music moguls and major role players in the music industry between the 27th of January 2008 and the 31st of January 2008. It is one of the biggest gatherings of the music industry in the world, and gives those in attendance the opportunity to do business with various other companies and executives from around the world. Not only will major deals be signed and relationships cultivated, but the MIDEM 2008 will highlight all aspects of the music industry.

MIDEM 2008 is not just an event that consists of exhibitors, but has many solo artists, groups and DJ’s performing during the show. So far it is estimated that approximately fifty-five concerts will be entertaining the crowds between conferences, workshops and meetings. Over ten thousand participants are anticipated to support the trade show, from almost one hundred countries that include the United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Italy, Jamaica, Greece, India, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, China, Denmark, Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Exhibitors include music labels, managers, financial advisors, artists, wholesalers, festival directors, lawyers, musical instrument manufacturers, concert organizers, distributors, radio stations, promoters and agents. Advertising agencies, publishers, recording studios and journalists all come to the trade show to sell their abilities and to get the latest scoop on what is happening within the music industry. Every possible aspect and contributor to the music industry is invited, this being the most comprehensive and diverse trade show of the year.

Another feature of the MIDEM 2008 is that the trade fair is not limited to certain music genres. Everyone is welcome to exhibit their company or themselves at the show, which covers genres such as Pop, Classical, Funk, Folk, Electronica, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Rhythm and Blues, Reggae and any other form of music.

And with environmental issues such as global warming being on the minds of everyone across the world, the MIDEM 2008 has ensured that they make a contribution toward these concerns. The show has made their show bags from organic cotton that has been bleached naturally. Brochures, magazines and advertisements have been printed on recycled paper and there are even recyclable carpets in the alleys. Collection points for glass, paper and cardboard have been set up to highlight environmental awareness and industry initiatives. MIDEM is a wonderful trade show that has grown and continues to grow in popularity and attendance. It is show that is recommended for anyone who is serious about the music industry.