Music’s Best Storage and Filing Practices

We will never be free from untidy stacks of old records, tapes, CDs, and whatever new recording media may be invented for music! You are not alone if you often feel frustrated at not finding the music you want from your huge and growing collection! It hurts even more if you perform, because the sense of loss when asked for a quick demonstration tape can be frustrating indeed! Can the computer nerds not find a way of storing music so that we can find it at the ‘speed of thought?’

Electronic engineers and coders have indeed found great new ways of filing away music for random access with ease and speed. There are many new alternatives available, and each of them has a special place for every collection. A major breakthrough relates to storing audio and video in single formats, which eliminates much of the old confusion in any case. Convergence of hardware is another modern convenience. Imagine carrying a tape recorder, a video player, an MP3, a camera, and a telephone as separate devices-your parents actually had to do that!

Your own music performance scores over anything others have recorded, so a free Internet site of your own must have top priority. They are easy to set up-you can have one up in a few minutes from now, if you can read and type on a computer with an Internet connection! Web design has adequate options for you to enhance your music and videos with colors, graphics, and a lay out which is very much you. The Internet is a self-publishing option of incredible value for the world of music.

Though your own web site does wonders for a music ego, you have to also join the search engine band wagon. How many people can you inform about your web site, and will they all bother with the mouse? A search engine will take your music to every corner of the World Wide Web, and it is the only way for you to battle for attention. Naming your music video files, and developing supporting text web logs, goes hand-in-hand with promoting your music through search engines on the Internet.

Do not scorn the world of CDs or gift your rewritable driver to a younger brother! The Internet is not available everywhere, and the suits of the world of sponsors may not be Internet savvy! You have to be able to produce CD copies fast on occasion to give your music its best shot.

So thank the heavens and all the engineers you love to hate, because they have given your music the best leg up ever!