Rizla Arena to rock Bestival

In the 1920’s Rizla decided to send a van out to bring music to the masses, playing at various locations as they traveled. As the Rizla van began to move around, it became more popular, playing at festivals and creating unplanned parties as far as they went. They caused a media sensation, and now, many years later, the Rizla van is again on the move. A replica of the old Rizla van was back on the road, with new sounds and faces, but still causing a stir wherever they go. Because of their unrivaled success at last year’s Bestival, the Invisible Players and their van will be rocking the crowd with improvisation and a lineup of genres for every music taste.

The Invisible Players consist of Annie Nightingale, Greg Wilson, Kid Acne and Justin Robertson this year and will be taking the Rizla Arena to the Bestival next, after successful performances at The Chill Festival and Rockness. Fans can look forward to seeing the Rizla Arena on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September, with their variety program that they play from their van. On Friday, 5 September, the lineup includes Heavenly Jukebox, It’s Bigger Than DJ’s, Kid Acne, Greg Wilson and Greco-Roman Sound System. Saturday’s sets include Heavenly Jukebox, Hip Hop Karaoke (debuting), Annie Nightingale, Greg Wilson, Horse Meat Disco DJ’s and a special guest. James Baillie kicks off the program on Sunday followed by Nadia Ksaiba, Cocadisco, James Priestley, Greg Wilson and Justin Robertson.

No play lists are set up by the Rizla Arena team and all sets are played by pure improvisation, with genres such as Electrofunk, Californian Soul, Balearic, Acid House and Dub to name a few. The decks from where the music is played are in the Rizla van, which forms part of the features of the Rizla Arena. The Invisible Players and their guest performers will ensure that the thousands of festive spectators will be thrilled and entertained by their programs and that their creativity and flair for improvisation performances will keep them on their feet all weekend.

The Bestival will be held on the Isle of Wight where festival goers will be in unusual dress, as the theme for this year’s Bestival is 30 000 Freaks Under The Sea. Not only will it be an extravaganza of music, competitions and activities, but a chance to meet up with fellow squid, sharks, mermaids and other fantastical ocean creatures.