SA Music Week – A Ground Breaking Musical Event

It is important for every country to invent initiatives that support the local music industry, encouraging local musicians to express themselves and making it easier for them to build their careers. SA Music Week is just such an initiative and it takes place in various cities in South Africa once a year.

The event started some years ago, with the hopes of invigorating the South African music industryand hopefully seeing an overall increase in the quality and quantity of music produced in the country. The annual celebration of South African music continues to highlight issues surrounding local airplay on both radio and TV which gives local artists a chance to expand their fan base. It also educates music lovers about the many opportunities which are available in the music industry and establishes a series of concerts which draws fans to these mega events. To date, it would seem that the educational workshops which are given at the events prove to be the most effective part of the program, as it is these workshops which show interested persons how to get involved in the music industry and solve various problems such as marketing a demo or negotiating a record deal.

Has the event been successful?

Well, after just a few years of regularly holding the event, South African musicians have been enjoying unparalleled success both nationally and internationally. Relatively small music groups – such as the Parlotones – have signed international record deals which have helped them rocket into the international limelight and other local bands – such as the Finkelsteins – have provided songs that have been featured in locally produced movies and brought them global attention on MTV. SA Music Week continues to educate and involve up-and-coming artists and has thus helped many South African musicians to kick-start their careers. The event also usually involves a spectacular line-up – as did this year’s event which saw the likes of Spring Bok Nude Girls, Peacebreaker and Amampondo staging excellent performances.

It would seem that the South African music industry is truly prospering and there can be little doubt that SA Music Week had something to do with it. Perhaps, if other countries established similar initiatives there would be a much better interchange of global music on the world scene.