The Wall Anniversary Tour

The English rock bank Pink Floyd was established in the 1960s, and consisted of band members Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Syd Barrett and Nick Mason. Their progressive rock music took the world by storm, and they achieved fame through albums such as Animals (1977), The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967), Wish You Were Here (1975) and The Wall (1979). The original The Wall tour took place thirty years ago, but is still remembered with great fondness by fans all over the world.

The Wall was a double album released by Pink Floyd that catapulted the band to stardom. Millions of copies were sold, and it still remains one of the most iconic albums of all times. The band brought the entire album to life in a breathtaking performance, while films were projected on a brick wall that was constructed in front of the stage. Audience members were also thrilled by the floating Gerald Scarfe creations that were above them. And it is this memorable experience that Roger Waters is hoping to improve on by bring The Wall Anniversary Tour to fans, and by producing a musical spectacular that will be talked about for years. Waters is planning on using the latest technology available to enhance the audience’s experience of the show. He will pay tribute to soldiers, thus continuing to promote the anti-war message of the original concert, as the first show was held at the end of the well-known Vietnam war and as there is still a war raging today,.

Tickets have not yet been released, but the tours dates confirmed are as follows: Toronto (15 September), Chicago (20-21 September), Pittsburgh (26 September), Cleveland (28 September), Boston (30 September), New York (5 October), Buffalo (8 October), Washington (10 October), Uniondale (12 October), Hartford (15 October), Ottawa (17 October), Montreal (19 October), Columbus (22 October), Detroit (24 October), Omaha (26 October), St.Paul (27 October), St Louis (29 October), Kansas City (30 October), New York (3 November), Philadelphia (8-9 November), Fort Lauderdale (13 November), Tampa (16 November), Atlanta (18 November), Houston (20 November), Dallas (21 November), Denver (23 November), Las Vegas (26 November), Phoenix (27 November), Los Angeles (29 November), San Jose (6 December), Vancouver (10 December), Tacoma (11 December) and Anaheim (13 December).